December 14, 2015

Cretan Olive Oil is our favourite

They say that the Cretan diet is recognized by the international scientific community as the most characteristic and high-quality version of the so-called Mediterranean pattern of eating.

Though, in this blog we will talk about the “king” of the Cretan diet, the extra virgin oil. Oil is definitely the secret of Cretan diet, as it is considered one of the healthiers in the world because of the climatic conditions, which are the ideal ones.

Well, to begin with, olive oil has the most advantages of any other fatty sunstances eaten by mankind. Its benefits extend further than the kitchen and the cooking, as it treats intestinal and liver ailments, it prevents the development of gallstones and it assists diabetics. Also, it is very beneficial for the skin and the normal growth of the skeleton, it extends the youthful vitality of the body and it prevents to some point cancer.

So, we don’t have to be afraid of the consumption of Cretan olive oil, but we should consume it in reasonable proportions.

Next time that you will order something from the menu, just make sure it is accompanied by olive oil! Enjoy and enjoy!