February 18, 2016

Eliros Mare: A Guide for Little Residents

At Eliros Mare hotel, kids (who we call “Little Residents”) can explore a whole new world inside and outside the hotel’s front door. Stay with us, comfortably knowing that our hotel is pleasant for kids.


You might think is not important, but kids have a very selective taste. Prior to your booking, make sure you have made comments about your kids’ preferences and let us surprise them with delicious treats.


Our little friends are never bored of playing. Thus, our hotel provides a mini club and a playground outdoors. Seems like paradise to them! They will enjoy it and you will thank us!


Rule no1. Kids LOVE pool.

More than any beach. The pool is the ultimate definition of fun and they will appreciate more than anyone the existence of their very own pool. Ta-dah, we have a Kids Pool!

Thinking of more kids-tips? You are more than welcome to contact us and share your thoughts.