May 5, 2015

The Exotic Islets of Crete

Most of them are uninhabited, while others are considered wildlife sanctuaries or archaeological sites of great cultural importance. Gavdos is the only inhabited islet but a lot of campers visit Koufonisi and Gaidouronisi as well.

Gavdos, called Ogygia during ancient times, is also known as Calypso’s island. If you ever wondered why Odysseus stayed with Calypso for so many years, forgetting all about his homeland, then you have to visit Gavdos and witness its beauty with your own eyes. There are several boats making the daily trip from Crete to Gavdos. Gavdos is a place to meet interesting people and forget about all the anxiety and conformity of everyday life.

The islet’s visitor will enjoy the small taverns and semi-hippie lifestyle, but above all, the beaches of Ai Giannis and Sarakiniko. Most tourists choose to stay in the beach of Sarakiniko because it is closer to the tavern and the mini-markets. On the other hand, Ai Giannis is a more secluded beach, where the nearest trace of civilization is just a 15 minute walk away.