A tropical destination…

Argyroypolis belongs to the prefecture of Rethymno and is 10 km from the hotel. It is a picturesque mountain village with 400 inhabitants, situated at an altitude of over 700 meters and has been declared a traditional settlement waist cultural value. In and around the village there are many excavated parts of the ancient city of Lappa, Roman remains, Venetian structures and Byzantine churches. An important attraction is the Temple of the Five Virgins, outside the village, which is carved into the rock. Argyroypoli is connected with the revolution of 1878, because here was declared the union of Crete with Greece.

If you visit the picturesque village do not forget to see the exotic location … “Piges” where there are plenty of running water flowing in streams and form ponds and small waterfalls and drive several mills. In the area there is luxuriant vegetation with spectacular perennial trees. See also the chapel of the Agias Dunamis which is built into the rock from which gush clear waters.

Here is a “must” to sit and eat. The environment is beautiful and appetizing, while the taverns are renowned for its excellent food. Especially meat eaters will love it. An enjoyable experience that you must live.