March 8, 2016

Motion Sickness while traveling: Never again!

If there is one thing we are sure about is that Crete is a lot about driving. Considering the not-so-pleasant roads, many of us might start thinking that driving is a nightmare, not a dream. But to explore most of Crete, you have to go out there and drive!

Thus, we found some smart tips from the adventurous and experienced blogger @Adventurous Kate and we present them to you!

How to avoid motion sickness while traveling. Here we go.

Don’t forget to pack some ultra-necessary things, such as Sea Bands (bands that you put on your wrists that apply pressure to a point on your lower arms), Ginger Chews (ginger helps nausea), Crackers or Salty snacks, Dramamine and obviously Plastic Bags (for an emergency).

Remember to keep it idle. Don’t read or browse your phone and avoid reading! Sit facing forward and keep your eye on the horizon. If things go harder, keep your window open and breath some fresh air, close your eyes and lie down if possible.

Music is always a good option!

Last but not least, take breaks! In the end, it is a good reason to pull over and take a picture of the landscape!