April 8, 2016

Raki: more than just a spirit

Raki, also known as tsikoudia, is an alcoholic, grape-based beverage of Cretan origin that contains 40 – 65% alcohol by volume. It is the most known Cretan spirit, worldwide. Before you visit Crete, make sure you have learned some basic info about it! At least, you are going to make a really good impression to locals!

How is it made: The process of raki’s distilling is like an annual fiesta. Cretans wait patiently for this period to come, they are gathering to special places with pots, where the distillation takes place and during the process they celebrate, with lots of food, drink, song and dance. The ideal period to make raki is late October and early November.

Where you can find it: Do you want the easy way or the hard way? The easy way is to visit any local liquer store, or supermarket and buy it. But the hard way is more exciting. Get the chance to make some local, Cretan friends and ask them to show you their private cellars, where they store their raki.

When you can drink it: That is very easy! Always! From morning to late night, raki is the ideal drink for every single occasion. A shot of raki in the morning will cheer you up and a shot around noon is a break from your daily routine. Drink it with your lunch, after your evening coffee or before you go out to party!

Combine it with: the traditional pies, sausages and other Cretan snacks and with a happy attitude!