June 1, 2016

Summer Essentials

Summer is already here and you are thinking of holidays. You are dreaming of the sea, the sun, the happy and carefree moments you are going to enjoy! But suddenly you start to worry about the things you should take with you, what you shouldn’t forget and what you should leave behind.

Fortunately, we have already made the research for you and we present you the super-necessary things you need to put in this summer-luggage!

Ready – Set – Go:

  1. Passports, IDs, whatever proves your identity!
  2. Driving licence: You are going to visit Crete! Don’t you want to make the most of it? To explore the island? If you don’t bring your license you won’t be able to rent a car and you are going to miss the chance to see Crete’s beauties.
  3. Camera: summer is all about great memories. Capture your best ones with a camera!
  4. Swimwear: ABSOLUTELY! In a Greek island, with so many must-visit beaches and with a pool in front of you, the chances to not going swimming are 0%.
  5. Hats & Sunglasses: Enjoy the sun, but be protected.
  6. Suncream: the next level of protection. Noone likes to have a sunburn during holidays. Why suffering instead of enjoy the sunny weather?
  7. Flip Flops: the ultimate summer shoe.
  8. A pair of sneakers: otherwise you will not be able to explore the numerous gorges of Crete!
  9. Kids’ favourite clothes, swimsuit & toy: We bet you don’t want to listen to a 24/7 kid’s whining, so keep our little friends happy by bringing these essentials.
  10. A big bag to put all the beach-essentials inside!
  11. A jacket for the chill nights.

Have we missed anything? Well, we add many of our ideas in our Pinterest board, here!

Now, you are ready to book you holidays and start packing your bags!! Have a great summer!