January 21, 2016

Travel for the thrill

CRETE – Greece’s biggest island with the highest population and a magical scenery. A place where ancient history merges with the exotic promises of myths and legends and with stunning landscapes.

When someone thinks about Crete, he might think the sun, the sea and the delicious cuisine but what about those people who travel for the thrill. Sea, sun and food might be part of this “thrilling experience” but we can guarantee the existence of the ultimate adventure.

Starting with the softest activity, the island is an excellent choice of driving. You can organize your roadtrip and explore every “corner” Crete.

Driving or diving? If this make your dilemma easy to solve it, we have to inform you that underwater you might find a huge variety of fish, small, bigger, colorful and.. whales! Also, here live the quite famous Mediterranean monk seas, dolphins, squids, sea turtles.

Going “overwater” you can try kitesurfing, or –why not- surfing? There are many beaches which are perfect for extreme sports which will raise your adrenaline instantly. Else, you can go a little more adventurous and go bungee jumping, in Arádhena Gorge, the home to Europe’s second highest bungee jumping local.

Last but not least, try a Jeep Safari and let your blood rush through your body with a 4×4 ride across the island. Jeep safaris are available almost everywhere on the island, any of which will introduce the traveler to the amazing diversity and fun to be had in Crete’s outdoors.

What are you waiting for? Put your adventurous mode on and travel to Crete for the thrill!